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Expat mortgages Eindhoven

Mortgages Eindhoven (or in dutch “Hypotheken Eindhoven”) is the highest ranked mortgage advice agency in Eindhoven. In the past 10 years we have helped countless expats find their dream home and take out a mortgage.

Our office is located at the West side of Eindhoven, close to the popular expat residential area Meerhoven. If you have any question about buying a property, mortgages or insurances, feel free to contact us in whatever way suits you best!

To schedule a free appointment, please call: (085) 0471 830


Why other expats choose for Mortgages Eindhoven

Because the rents in Eindhoven are incredibly high, more and more expats choose to buy a house. But getting a mortgage can be quite challenging when you don’t speak the native language. Most banks communicate mainly in Dutch and due to a lack of clarity a lot people end up paying too much for a mortgage. The experts from Mortgages Eindhoven have helped countless expats find the right home and take out a mortgage. They guide you through every step of the process and make sure that you will get a mortgage with the best possible conditions.


5 steps for buying a house in Eindhoven

Step 1: Find out how much you can borrow

Before you start searching for a house on Google or Funda you first want to know what your budget is. The amount of money you can borrow from a bank is dependent on your fixed income and other loans you have. You can calculate an estimate here (only in Dutch). But we recommend to make a free appointment with one of our experts.

At Mortgages Eindhoven a first appointment is always free. Our experts will tell you everythin you need to know and can calculate how high your mortgage may be.

make an appointment


Step 2: Find your new home

Once you know what you can borrow from a bank, it is time to find your dream house. You can always try Google, but most Dutch people find their new home on housing platform Funda. There are also specialised purchase brokers that help you find the right home and organise special tours for expats where they visit several houses in one day.

You don’t want to have to deal with multiple organisations? Then consider our purchase guidance service. At Mortgages Eindhoven we help customers find their new home and support them during the negotiation process. We have experienced that this service greatly increases the chance that you will get the house. And when your bid gets accepted we will immediately start the mortgage application process.


Step 3: Make a bid

Found what you were looking for? Then the most nerve wrecking part of the process starts. It’s negotiation time and you now have to formally bring out your bid. You can offer below the asking price, but keep in mind that a lot of people want to buy a house in Eindhoven and if your bid is too low the seller will simply decline the offer and wait for someone else. Especially in this difficult housing market it is best to call in the help of a professional that can advise you on the right strategy and can even help you bring out a formal offer.

Part of our purchase guidance service is helping you during the negotiation process and protect you against any legal inconveniences that you may not be aware of. And the best thing yet, when your bid gets accepted we can immediately start the mortgage application process. This way you will know as quickly as possible whether the house is really yours!


Step 4: Apply for a mortgage

Your bid got accepted? Great! Now there is only one hurdle left to take: the mortgage. It is important to act quickly and start your application process as soon as possible. Because there might be a chance that your application won’t be accepted the first time and you don’t want to miss your financing deadline and risk losing the property.

A personal mortgage advisor can relieve you of all your stress. Because he takes care of everything  and knows exactly what is needed to get a mortgage approved quickly.

Have you already bought a house and need a mortgage? Contact our office so we can quickly start the process and help you find the mortgage that best fits your situation.


Step 5: Sign with a notary

When everything is arranged the only thing left to do is sign the deed of delivery and mortgage certificate at the notary. There are a lot of different notary offices all with different costs. The very cheapest can sometimes best be avoided, but you also don’t have to break the bank.

Give us a call or send us a message if you want some free advice on the right notary office in Eindhoven.

We are there for you

Buying a house in the Netherlands can be quite the challenge. You have to find a house, take out a mortgage and at the same time ensure that everything is handled properly. As a mortgage advice agency, we take care of the whole process. We not only help you find the right mortgage and take out the mortgage. But we also help you find the right home and support you during the negotiations.

Our only goal is to help you find a mortgage solution that suits your needs and ensure that you have financial peace of mind. This means that you won’t have to worry about financial risks, because you will have an affordable mortgage and will be well insured.

Whatever the question. Feel free to reach out to our office. Our staff is more than happy to help!  –  call (085) 0471 830

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